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Asdeq Labs is pleased to announce the availability of Asdeq Workforce 6.2.

Version 6.2 is a major release of all components of the system and is a recommended update for all customers.

This version updates AsdeqServer to include the latest versions of Apache Tomcat and Java, making it a necessary upgrade to stay up to date with the latest security patches.


AsdeqDocs Server

AsdeqForms iPad / iPhone


AsdeqDocs iPad / iPhone Client

AsdeqDocs Android Client

AsdeqForms Android Client

Mac OS X Client

Windows Client

Release Date28-02-20191-04-20191-04-2019TBATBA28-02-201928-02-2019
Installation and Upgrade

Latest Server Downloads

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found here:

Installation and upgrade is through the App Store

Installation and upgrade is through the App Store

Installation and upgrade is through the Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade is through the Google Play Store

Installation and upgrade is through a download from the Download Page


Installation and upgrade is through a download from the Download Page


 (tick) Please note that AsdeqDocs Server and AsdeqDocs/AsdeqForms clients can be updated independently of each other.

Note that if upgrading a server prior to version 3.4, the server must first be upgraded to v3.4 before upgrading to the latest version. Please see the instructions in Updating AsdeqDocs server versions.

If you are currently using Windows Integrated Authentication to connect to SQL Server on a version prior to 5.2, please see the upgrade instructions in Windows Integrated Authentication in SQL Server.


What's New in Version 6.2

  1. New document viewing and file action features in AsdeqDocs
  2. Look-and-feel and branding improvements in AsdeqForms
  3. AsdeqServer new features: File Cache, Remember Me, and Universal Links

1. AsdeqDocs For iOS New Features

We've implemented several long standing feature requests in the document viewer in AsdeqDocs for iOS:

New Document View OptionsNew Document Organise Options


  1. You can now view two different documents side by side, and the same document in two stacks
  2. There is a new scroll-lock feature which prevents the document scrolling as you are viewing it
  3. There is a new whole-page zoom option, which always shows a single page, and allows flicking between pages
  4. If allowed by policy, you can now perform some basic organisation functions on the server:
    1. Rename documents
    2. Delete documents
    3. Make copies of (duplicate) documents
    4. Create folders 

Here is a video of the new View menu tools in action:


2. AsdeqForms Theming

We've refreshed the look and feel of the forms in AsdeqForms to display better in a desktop environment, and added the ability to easily set a theme colour and a logo image for each form.

The theme automatically adapts to different environments - desktop browser, mobile browser, and tablets and phones. 

New forms include the new header on each page. This needs to be turned on for existing forms in form properties so as to not double up existing headers.

See the Form Theming documentation for more details.

Other AsdeqForms Improvements

  • We've built how the File/Image dialogs work for adding and viewing files. Other dialogs have also been improved
  • You can now import an AFDZ file to update an existing form schema and script file. See Exporting and Importing Form Definitions for details
  • The 'delete' key in the form editor now deletes the currently selected control
  • Improved empty-state and prompting in the form editor
  • The left menu in AsdeqForms for web is now resizable
  • The name matching on Sharepoint metadata columns is now more lenient: see SharePoint Metadata

3. AsdeqServer Improvements

Universal links allowing creating links to AsdeqForms or AsdeqDocs content that will open either in a browser, or in the AsdeqDocs/AsdeqForms app if you have it installed.

There is a new setting in the general settings page which enables or disables this feature. See Universal Links and AsdeqForms Client API for documentation.

Remember Me

AsdeqServer now has a "Remember Me" option for web logins. This allows a user to resume their session on the same browser without logging in again up to a set amount of time.

This is particularly useful for AsdeqForms for Web users.

This functionality is enabled or disabled by a new policy accessible on the Security Policy page:

File Cache

AsdeqServer now includes a local file cache. The file cache keeps copies of files from your source locations locally in memory or encrypted on the local disk.

This can significantly reduce the load on your source locations, improve reliability, and improve sync times.

It is off by default, and is enabled on a new settings page. See the documentation for details: File Cache.

System Accounts

Multiple System Accounts can now be used when setting up source locations. Configured system accounts appear as a drop down once the "Use System Account" checkbox has been selected:

Other AsdeqServer Improvements

  • Look and feel improvements across AsdeqServer
  • The maximum number of concurrent export and other jobs on a particular server is now limited
  • Server functions can now be written in Typescript as well as JavaScript and Groovy
  • Users can now optionally use their Active Directory User Principal Name (UPN) to login in the Active Directory settings
  • AsdeqDocs Windows and macOS clients can now copy & move files across different source locations
  • Server upgrade to Java 11 & Tomcat 9


Version 6.2.1

  • AsdeqDocs for iOS: Update iOS SDK to iOS 12
  • AsdeqDocs for iOS: Better support for devices with safe areas and no home button: iPad Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XS
  • AsdeqForms: Improvements in the API and documentation for Linked Form Instances
  • AsdeqServer: Update Microsoft SQLServer JDBC driver to latest
  • AsdeqServer: File cache now updates on uploads and indexing
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements



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