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A Workspace allows you to logically organise information from one or more Libraries.

You can group multiple documents, folders and saved searches. You might need this for:

  • a board meeting
  • a presentation
  • a visit to a customer site

You can create multiple Workspaces. You can organise information inside workspaces using virtual workspace folders.

Creating a Workspace

Tap the Workspaces link in the main menu, then tap "Edit" icon on top of the Workspaces view to display Workspaces edit mode. 

  • Use the "Done" button (highlighted in the screen shot) when you have finished.
  • You can remove old workspaces using the red buttons, or by swiping the rows to the left.

Tap the Add New Workspace... button, and choose a name for your new workspace.

Adding Items

Once a user has created an empty workspace, links to documents, folders and saved searches can be added.

Use the Actions menu, marked with an ellipsis (...) to add the item to a workspace.  You can find this:

  • At the top of any document, folder or search window
  • Beside each name in a folder contents list

Selecting the Add to Workspace option displays a list of available Workspaces that allows the user to select which Workspace the document is linked to.  You can also create new workspaces from this menu.


Moving and Removing Items

From within a workspace, you can use the Actions menu to remove or re-categorise items.

  • Use the red button to remove the item from the workspace.
  • Use the "Add To Workspace" function to :add the item to additional workspaces

Adding other content to workspaces

Use the "Plus" button in a workspace or Workspace Folder to add new items, such as:

  • Photos
  • Notebooks
  • New workspace folders, which you can use to organise your content

If you choose to open an item in AsdeqDocs from another app, AsdeqDocs will ask you if you'd like to store that item within a workspace.