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Searching within AsdeqDocs

AsdeqDocs features powerful search tools which work offline and help you find what you need fast.

The three types of searching available are:

  • Global searching across all documents, folders and Libraries
  • Contextual Searching within a Library or folder
  • Searching within a document

Global Searching

Global Searching allows you to search for terms or phrases across all documents within all Libraries currently synchronized on your device.

Just tap the search box at the top of the screen and start typing.

Terms are simple lists of words that appear anywhere within the returned documents, such as the terms; Tablet iPad Apple
In this example all the documents that contain the terms Tablet, iPad and Apple are returned.

Phrases are enclosed in quotes as with the phrase; "Apple iPad"
The phrase must appear as an exact match in all returned documents.

Tapping the Search button on the keyboard displays a new panel that contains the list of all documents that match that search query from across all Libraries currently on the device, an example is shown below.

Results from a Global Search displayed

Tapping a search result displays the documents contents in a new view panel that slides in from the right, an example is shown below.

A document returned from a search with the single search term highlighted

It should be noted that if the term or phrase appears within the body of the document, it appears as highlighted when the document is viewed.

Contextual Searching

Contextual Searching allows a user to refine from where within a Library a search is to take place.

If a user selects a Library and navigates to a particular folder, then selects the magnifying glass at the top of that folder view, a contextual search box is displayed.

Users can enter terms or phrases as with Global Searches. However the results returned from a Contextual Search are restricted to documents that appear within the current folder or any of its sub folders.

Results from a Contextual Search

This feature allows a user to navigate to a folder, and then return a list of search results from that point down, thus restricting results to areas that are most relevant to a user.

Search in Files

AsdeqDocs also provides the user with the ability to search for terms within a document. This functionality is similar to the Contextual Search described above.

Once a document is selected, a single tap on the magnifying glass within the top tool bar displays a search box. After a term is entered the document view will scroll down to the first instance of the term being searched for.

Searching for terms within a document with navigation controls clearly identified

If multiple results are present, a user can rapidly scroll between instances of the search term by using the arrows displayed next to the search box.

Saved Searches

Often a user may have several global or contextual searches that need to be repeated. Rather than re-type the search each time, AsdeqDocs supports the notion of saved global and contextual searches.

To save a search, perform the search in question as either a global or contextual search. Once the user is happy with the results, they can select the actions icon on the top of the search results view, to display the Save Search option.

A search result view after the Action Icon has been tapped

Selecting the Save Search As option prompts the user for a new search name. Once the user taps the OK button, this search is saved within saved searches.

To view and execute previously saved searches tap the back button on Libraries until the user is back to the main page. Tap the Searches option to display a list of all saved searches on the left hand side.

Tapping a saved search re-runs the previously saved search and a new search results view is displayed.


The way to delete a saved search is if a user taps "Edit" located above the list of saved searches in the left hand side panel, the saved searches view enters the edit state. From here saved searches can be deleted by using the "-" delete combination.

Saved Searches in edit mode with the Done button identified

To disable edit mode within saved searches a user must select the Done button.

Search by Metadata

Metadata fields are now available for searching in SharePoint and Trim / RM 8 source locations.

Documents with metadata matching a given term will appear in general search results, and the fields can be specifically queried on using the syntax 

Metadata Search

metadata.fieldname: value

for instance: jon

This applies to SharePoint Managed Metadata, as well as user defined columns and properties from Office documents such as Author, Title, Keywords etc.

The screenshot below shows a search for "Fernando" returning a document where he is the author:


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