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To access the Pinboard navigate to the main menu and tap Pinboard. All pinned documents are listed based on the date they were pinned to the Pinboard. This provides a useful way of keeping up to date with any required reading.

The pinboard is great for building up your "must read" list


Use Favorites to quickly access documents you refer to often. 

Favorites within AsdeqDocs are similar to the Pinboard however Favorites are sorted alphabetically, and while the Pinboard can only contain documents, Favorites can also include folders.

To access Favorites navigate to the main menu and tap Favorites.

Additionally, items in your Favorites are also available via the Quick View menu under the star (blue star).

Favorites with the Quick View list opened showing recently opened documents

Adding and Removing documents

Adding documents to the Pinboard / Favorites

Navigate to (or view) a document then tap the "Action" icon and select "Pinned" or "Favourite".

Removing documents from Pinboard / Favorites

 When viewing the document, or from a file listing, tap the Action Menu and select re-tap "Pinned" or "Favourite" to remove the checkmark.

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