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Notebook in workspaces

Notebooks allow you to create notes including text, drawings, and annotations. They are as secure as all other content in AsdeqDocs.

Sample of a notebook including text, drawings, annotations.

Creating a notebook

Notebooks can be created in a Workspace, or a library in which you have permission to make changes. To create a Notebook, tap on the Add item icon, then select Create a Notebook. You can then give the notebook a name or accept the default timestamped name for the notebook.  This will create a blank notebook, ready for editing.

Editing a notebook

To edit a notebook you must enter full-screen mode. Once in full screen mode you can then select either of the Text icon (Lower left) or the Drawing icon (Lower right)

Text Tool

The text tool allows rich text editing including:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Bullet points
  • Auto correct

Use the text icon (lower left) to enable the keyboard for typing in text.

Drawing tool

Use the drawing icon (lower right) to enable the annotations toolbar.
These annotation tools tools will work exactly the same as the document annotation tools.

Viewing notebooks

To view an existing Notebook, simply open the Workspace or Library containing the notebook and tap on the notebook you wish to view.

Notebooks can be read in software other than AsdeqDocs.  The files will open in any web browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.  For example, if you save your notebook back to a server using a Library, you can read the notebook from your desktop computer.


Sharing Notebooks

  1. Open the notebook 
  2. Tap on the file options menu

To Email a Notebook:

  1. Select Email

To Send to a Library, so others can read it from the server:

  1. Select Send to Library 

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